Episode 9 – Night of Champions Preview w/@paezpumarL

Night of Champions is this weekend and we brought in Complex’s pro wrestling writer Luis Paez- Pumar to talk about what we should expect Sunday.  Our first guest that actually knew what the hell he was talking about instead of talking about memes. Thanks again as always to Aya for editing and @pokemonyewest for our theme song!

Podcast on a Pole Special w/ Sam Jay and WWE’s Dolph Ziggler

Some of you may remember my old podcast with comedian Sam Jay, From the 99 to the 2000. Well we got the band back together for a special guest, WWE’s Dolph Ziggler. Dolph was in Boston for work so he decided to drop by for some comedy and a sit down with us. 

Big thanks to @Ay00y for editing this and be sure to follow Sam and Dolph @samjaycomic and @heelziggler

Episode 6 – Money in the Bank Review (w/@trillballins)

Podcast on a Pole (Cover art)We’re back on Podcast on a Pole, with our first official guest (we had the Blue Meanie one week but that episode got lost, long story), @trillballins.  This week, we talk about what happened at the Money in the Bank PPV, which had surprisingly good matches with predictably horrible finishes.

Follow us on twitter @fakemikemulloy and @fansince09.  You probably already do, otherwise I’m not sure why you would be here in the first place. Thanks again to @ay00y for editing!

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